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Mr. Olaf Geyer
Grenzstraße 26
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Phone: +49 345 57062 30

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Airborne laser scanning

The advantages of airborne laser scanning come into their own for large-scale projects such as line routes (overhead lines, pipelines, ...) or the surveying of topography or terrain modelling. The geometry information can be collected for large areas in a short time. Even in hard to reach areas, measurement points can be saved and terrain information can be obtained. Conversion plans, construction plans or terrain models, for example, can be generated on the basis of this data.


Airborne laser scanning at a glance:

  • Method using aircraft
  • Contact-free, non-destructive, fast, high point density
  • Suitable for - objects covering a large area (line routes, terrain models, urban models…)
  • Data analysis - classification, object detection, determination of traffic routes
  • Production of orthophotos

Because of the rapid data capture with high point density and simultaneous photographic recording, airborne laser scanning is ideal for mapping topography and terrain with large-area objects.

Project examples:

  • Layout maps and plans for line routes
  • Rerouting of high voltage overhead lines
  • Gathering information on line geometry and pylon images
  • Planning for new overhead transmission lines and pipelines
  • Inventory surveys for gas pipelines
  • Forest clearing planning for supply lines
  • Inventory plan with vegetation detection and protective strips