Person in charge:

Mr. Dirk Schmidt
Im Neyl 18
59823 Arnsberg- Oeventrop
Phone: +49 2937 8296-50

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Geo-Information Value Management

Our specialization, particularly to the field of Geodata is targeting process optimization and automation for CAD and GIS-Projects.

Among other things we define our tasks as following:

1. System - Consulting (choosing a System, introduction to GIS), training, system-support and enhancement of systems.

2. Project - Consulting and process optimization.

3. Data - Cleaning and consolidation, integration (of existing data and/or data from different sources, analogue and vectorial data), refinement, migration and much more.

Based on higher requirements given by the Federal Network Agency of germany and our acquisition of new licenses, we provide support to our customers, helping you to achieve maximum possible benefit out of your data pool.