Person in charge:

Mr. Dirk Schmidt
Im Neyl 18
59823 Arnsberg- Oeventrop
Phone: +49 2937 8296-50

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Our Services

Our services regarding ALKIS/ETRS89 include

  • Consulting and customized information on its requirements and introduction
  • Individual analysis and concept development
  • Homogenization of your geodata (eg: basic map-matching)
  • Transformations and transfer of coordinate systems
  • Technical implementation and quality assurance


Homogenization - basic map-matching

When it comes to homogenization of your reference data (basic maps) and also the technical data, we will be pleased to assist you.

In connection with ALKIS, the basic map you use is important.
Do you use as standard the reference data provided by the land registry offices or do you even maintain separate basic maps for different business divisions?

In the latter case, there may be differences in your own base data. So, it may be necessary beforehand to homogenize your own basic maps and synchronize them to create a uniform database.