Person in charge:

Mr. Dirk Schmidt
Im Neyl 18
59823 Arnsberg- Oeventrop
Phone: +49 2937 8296-50

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Digital recording and documentation of network and equipment

Nowadays, the digital documentation of equipment represents an important basis for the operation of supply and waste disposal networks. Besides technical accuracy, the objective is to be up-to-date.
The value of your data lies in its availability and the benefits for related business processes. We will provide support to you to successfully complete these complex tasks.


Our Service:

  • Data capture / continuity
  • Work scheduling and project consulting
  • Inventory documentation (vector / hybrid)
  • Substation internal data / audit trail / normal circuit
  • Quality assurance / external audit service
  • Consolidation of databases
  • Consulting
  • Optimization of application software
  • User-specific GIS training
  • Alkis / ETRS89