Person in charge:

Mr. Thomas Schröder
Grenzstraße 26
06112 Halle
Phone: +49 345 57062 27

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Property valuation

Valuations are indispensable for almost all areas of economic activity. Based on valuation reports, people take sovereign, legal, business and personal decision of far-reaching importance for their lives.

Our qualified and highly experienced real estate valuers help you to base your decisions on reasonable and realistic values!


Our services at a glance:

  • Building development reports and inspection protocols
  • Automated, abbreviated valuations without inspection and property search
  • Automated, abbreviated valuations with inspection and property search
  • Specific estimates and expert opinions with and without inspection
  • Expert opinion on the commercial value / market value / loan value
  • Assistance to Local Authorities in implementing double-entry bookkeeping in matters of municipal property assets