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3D city model

From consultation to the creation and deployment of hard and software:

  • Consulting / advisory service for the introduction of 3D city models
  • Application by official security authorities and organizations - applications for the police (eg: deployment at football stadiums) or fire brigade (eg: potential evacuation areas during flooding)
  • Separate filing of models in CityGML
  • MicroStation and Bentley Map - Integration of Google Earth ™ GPS / MicroSoft Virtual Earth - Visualization
  • Output and visualization, browser-based as PDF Integration of Oracle Spatial
  • Creation of 3D models with various level of detail (LoD 1-4)
  • Terrestrial laser scanning for LoD4 buildings with our own laser scanner (Zoller & Fröhlich Imager 5006)
  • Texturing of buildings by means of oblique aerial images; building roof area evaluation with reference to official map